What’s the Weirdest Erotica You’ve Read?

The Weirdest Erotica I've Read

That’s a question I get asked all the time, once people realize my preferred genres. “Is it that Bigfoot porn?” they ask, or “how about the Manga with tentacle monsters?” I always answer no. Some folks blink, others shrug. Most want to know what else could possibly be weirder than either of those things. So of course, I smile and tell them all about Chuck Tingle.

Mr. Tingle is actually a pretty awesome erotica author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster. He’s got an awesome philosophy that Love is Real and that everyone should find it however they can. But this isn’t a post just about Chuck (though I’m sure I’ll get to one eventually). It’s a review of what, in my opinion, is his strangest story to date. Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Billionaire Ass answers the question, “what’s the weirdest erotica you’ve read?”

The Good

Yes this book is an erotic romp that turns romantic. That doesn’t make it any less significant a work of weird speculative fiction. It’s not quite slipstream but it’s definitely in the neighborhood, perhaps on the satire side of the street.

Tingle’s work has a sort of pseudo scientific cosmology that reminds me of the old Montauk Project books from the 1990s. The stories themselves aren’t actually like those works (which read like something between a memoir and an instruction manual).

Instead, this book’s weird plot is an adventure story with romance, at turns fun and evocative. And erotic in an extreme sense. Friction happens, stuff throbs, things get messy. All in a good way.

The Bad

I spilled my coffee. Twice. After I put it into a cup with a lid, that didn’t happen again. However, I fell out of my kitchen counter bar stool and needed an ice pack for my tailbone. Bad things, such as hot coffee-related injuries and falls from high places, might come in threes but I decided not to tempt fate any longer and sat on the floor to finish this book.

Reading on the floor is hardly comfortable unless you live in a yurt furnished with floor-cushions. I don’t. But those are my only complaints and I’m sticking to them. This is more about my clumsiness and less about Helicopter Man, his Billionaire Dinosaur, or their pounding.

The Naughty

Perhaps the most strange thing about this book is how detailed the action is while still remaining vague enough to suspend disbelief. A helicopter shouldn’t be able to even get pleasured, let alone in a tiny restroom by a dinosaur, but it happens anyway.

Love scenes (yes I said love, it’s that genuine a story) in this erotic book are plentiful, surreal, yet still erotic. They are also gay. I’m cool with that but if you’re not, this might not be the book or author for you.

Don’t worry, MF fans, I will review some weird stuff with what you like. However, I truly believe that every adult looking to read erotic fiction try Chuck Tingle at least once. He’s a National Treasure.

Heat: 5

Characters: 4

Plot: 5

You can find Helicopter Man Pounds Billionaire Dinosaur Ass here. And if you get this, read on the floor, or at least not on a bar stool over a tile floor like I did.

Read racy, and free your sexy side!




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