Vampires Don’t Give Hickeys: A Reverse Harem Book Review

Vampires Don't Give Hickeys

Today I’ve got something a little different. It’s a steamy paranormal romance where the main female character is a vampire slayer, like Buffy but as an adult. Her love interests are vampires. You’ve heard this one before, right? Well, not quite like this. The heroine here forms steamy romantic relationships with multiple partners.

This is the first book in a series. Read on to get my review of Holly Ryan’s reverse harem book, Vampires Don’t Give Hickeys.

The Good

I love Belle! She’s a spunky heroine with some fun quirks, like an obsession with cartoons. Her three fanged suitors are all hot and don’t read like copies of each other with different hair colors like I’ve seen in a few other Reverse Harem books.

I had a number of good chuckles while reading over situations and dialogue outside the bedroom. That said, the love scenes are super sexy and hot. It’s an enjoyable read and keeps a nice pace.

The Bad

We never find out how Belle became a slayer but I guess the book’s not really about that. Still, I’d love to know. Maybe this is something we get to see in a later book. This might explain why Belle decides to hear the nice vampires out instead of fighting them.

This is definitely a book meant to introduce a series and that shows in the cliffhanger ending. That doesn’t bother me much but it’s something I like to tell readers.

The Naughty

Reverse Harem is risque. It’s also risky because sometimes, authors without a solid background either reading or writing menage erotica can lose track of the characters in the love scenes. Holly Ryan handles this nicely. No, I mean she handles it wickedly, naugtily, steamily.

It’s very pleasantly sexy but not water-your-eyes hot like Ice Planet Barbarians, more like mouthwatering.┬áHer descriptive style is firmly sensual and less explicit than menage erotic romance, so that’s why I rated it at heat level 3.

Heat: 3

Characters: 5

Plot: 3

You can find Vampires Dont Give Hickeys here or by clicking the book cover at the top of the post.

Read racy, and free your sexy side!


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