Stuffing It In There – How to Add Books on Kindle and Other E Readers

Naughty File Transfer

Here’s a few ways to make sure you’ve got all your filthy books exactly where you want them. Some of these only work for a specific bookseller on their own device but others work for pretty much any gadget. Read on and learn how to add books on Kindle, or anything else, even your phone.

Direct Purchase

With Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Google, and Kobo, you can download your hot sexy reads right there on the device you purchased them from. This is like getting any app, quick and easy as long as you’re logged into an account with a designated payment method. You don’t need five devices, though.


You can get apps for your tablet or phone for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. If you’ve got an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy, all you need to do is go to the App Store and get the free app. But what if you have a Kindle and you want to read a book you bought at Smashwords that’s too filthy-hot for Amazon? Don’t worry, lust will find a way.

File Transfer

You can download e books on your PC or Mac and then transfer them to your e reader. There are two ways to do this. First, you could use a USB cable and plug your device into the computer and then transfer the files. The other way is to use a micro SD card. You can set your preferences to have the files download into the card so they’re never in your computer. Not all computers and readers have an SD slot, so this is an option that will depend on your specific hardware.

The great thing about file transfer is, you could have gotten the e book from any store and then read it on your device. Yes, this means you can read Nook books on your Kindle. There are even apps you can get like Send to Kindle (for either PC or Mac) which will do the transfer for you with one click.

One thing to remember about both file transfer and the next method below is that the e books you want to transfer have to be DRM (Digital Rights Management protection) Free. You’ll be able to see whether the books you want have DRM or not before you buy them.

Device Email

Some devices, like phones and tablets, have email apps installed on them. If you’ve got an Android phone or a Samsung Galaxy, you know that you can log into gmail. You can email your e books to yourself and then get them from the email app on your device. All you need to do ahead of time is log in to your email.

Kindle devices also have their own email addresses. You can email any .epub, .mobi, or .pdf directly to your Kindle’s email address and read it in moments.


So those are the basic ways you can stuff your device of choice full of steamy or downright smutty reads. Remember, if you’re transfering files or emailing and want to be discreet about your reading habits, don’t use work email and delete the files from your PC or Mac when you’re done.

By the way, all of these methods work for music and other audio files too, so if you like to listen to some tunes while reading or prefer audiobooks, you can move them over using the methods above.

Read freely and smile. It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.






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