Lift by Alexa Riley: a Contemporary Steamy Romance Story

Lift A Contemporary Steamy Romance Story

Alexa Riley is the number one author in Erotica on Amazon right now. She knows how to write the extremely sexy stuff. But she’s also ranked number four in Contemporary Romance, which means she’s no stranger to writing about love either. Today I’m reviewing Lift, whitch is either a short novel or a lengthy short steamy romance story, depending on what you prefer to call it.

The Good

I can totally relate to Sloan, whose parents screwed up. Now she has to start working as a driver in order to get her own place and stop couch-surfing. Harris’s decision to rescue her and his motivations for doing so are totally swoonworthy. He’s a great romance hero, assertive and type-A but with a big giant heart. Their chemistry together rocks.

The Bad

It’s too short. I often feel this way about Alexa Riley’s books. I go in every time knowing this is a novella, maybe 100 pages, and I’m sad they end so quickly. The interaction between Harris and Cara (the owner of the couch Sloan sleeps on) feels a bit disjointed. They both act in character but the scene seems like it could have used more lead-in and description.

The Naughty

The love scenes scorch so be careful holding your eReader. These are romance scenes in the hands of an author who also writes erotica. What else would you expect? As usual for Alexa Riley, the scenes are as satisfying as the happily ever after ending.

Heat: 5

Characters: 5

Plot: 3

You can find Lift here or by clicking the cover image at the beginning of this post.

Read racy, and free your sexy side!


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