How to Find Erotic and Romance Ebooks

Today I’m going to talk about how ebook websites hide their adults-only sections. When you want a scorching hot read, not knowing how to find what you’re looking for can be a bit like taking the ice bucket challenge. Because of regulations, we have to do a little something extra if we want a little “something something” in our reading material. Fortunately, most online ebook sellers haven’t banned all the sexy books. But they are hidden. Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you all my tricks. You’ll be able to find all the erotic and romance ebooks you want.


The Mighty Amazon has more e books than any other website out there. You will definitely find plenty of sexy reads there if you browse on your Kindle. But they sometimes hide the extra racy stuff unless you have a direct link to it. That’s one of the reasons I made my little site. With a direct link, you can get right to the books you want after reading my review.


Kobo recently made a deal with WalMart to bring e books and e readers to more people. This is pretty good but what’s even better is that they now have an erotica category so the writers have a way to upload their naughtiest stories without having them taken down. All you need to get these is your account, which should be registered to someone over age eighteen.


Nook Books has some racy offerings. If you’ve got a Nook device you’re all set but if not, the app runs on PCs and all mobile devices so you can read on your phone or other tablet. The Nook library isn’t so big, but you can transfer .pdf or .epub files so if you’ve got a Nook you can read anything from Smashwords and Google Books too.


This is the best site to find erotica. It’s easy to turn on erotic searches with the button at the top right of the screen when you log in. Smashwords also often has books rated “too hot for Amazon.” In fact, I like to use that as a search term. Authors with the filthiest minds bring books Amazon and other retailers rejected to this website for publication. You can also buy most books in several formats, even .mobi for Kindle.

Google Books

This is another good place to find sexy reads. Google has both the Play Store and Google Books and you’ll find hot erotica and steamy or erotic romance e books on both. Google Play’s format is the epub, which most phones, tablets, or even your PC can open. You can even read them on Kindle by emailing the files to your Kindle’s email address.


Apple is restrictive when it comes to sexy books. This isn’t really the place to buy smutty erotica reads but Apple does include a nice selection of steamy romance e books. If you prefer things on the dirtier side and have an iPad or iPhone, don’t let this stop you. You can find the Kindle App, the Nook App, and the Kobo App in the App Store. And remember, if you’re buying your books on Smashwords, Apple devices read .pdfs and .e books.

E Readers

I’ll talk about all the different devices you can read your e books on and how to stick them in therein future posts. Until then, have fun and be free!


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