Handling It – Which is the Best Ebook Reader For Me?

The best ebook reader

There are so many devices out there, from Kindles and Nooks to Android and other tablets. All these products can be confusing to choose from. Even a phone can be used to read your ebooks. Your choice is going to depend on how much privacy you want and where you’re buying smutty books.

Everybody has different tastes, desires, and needs when it comes to smut and also tech gadgets. Read on to learn about the different tools out there and discover which is the best ebook reader for you.


If you’re planning to buy most of your books on Amazon, a Kindle might be a great choice for you. They have some that are actually tablets with shiny color screens like the Fire, and others which give an experience more like reading a paper book like the Paperwhite.

Kindle Fire lets you play games and load other apps, too, and stream your Amazon music or video content. They come in a range of prices depending on screen size and whether or not you mind ads on loading screens when you turn the Kindle on or finish a book.

Amazon has the Kindle Unlimited program, which lets you read an unlimited number of books in a month. But there is a catch. Your account can check out ten books at a time but you can exchange them for others when you’re done. This is a great way to read steamy romance or erotic romance.

On one hand, privacy is easy in one way. Kindles have setting to let you lock it to keep prying eyes off your naughty books. On the other, if you’ve got a family account at Amazon, other members might see your purchases. And if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, anything they borrow counts against your ten books.

A Kindle is best for people who have their own account or who control all the settings on the family account.


Nook is the e reader from Barnes and Noble. It also comes in either a tablet type device (though more limited than Kindle) with a shiny color screen or a glare-free paper-type display. This one’s a good idea if you plan to buy most of your ebooks at Barnes and Noble.

If not, you can also read .epub and .pdf on a Nook. But you won’t be able to read .mobi files from Amazon unless you get on the Google Play store on your nook and download the Kindle App. All Nooks run on Android so this is no problem.

Kobo Readers

Kobo has their own e readers too. They’ve got more model variety than ever, with different screen sizes and options. Due to the recent partnership with WalMart, you can even go into a store to see one in person before you buy instead of ordering your device online.

Kobo’s selection of ebooks is only growing and will continue to do so. You can read more about that in another one of my articles. But you don’t have to get their ereader if you prefer another. Like the previous two retailers I discussed, Kobo’s got an app.


Any tablet can run the main store’s apps, whether it’s running Android or iOS. If you’re buying PDFs or epubs from Smashwords, you can read them with apps most tablets already have installed. But that’s the point of tablets, after all.

They’re versatile. You can keep your smut reading activities private most easily on a tablet if you manage your files right.


No matter what other device you could get, you probably already have a phone. The small screen size and wanting to use it for other things might deter you from using it to read smutty ebooks. This goes double if you use your phone for work.

You can always get apps from ebook retailers like Kobo, Nook, and Amazon to read on your phone. This will let you continue reading if you don’t have your ereader with you. The apps save your progress and your book library to the cloud so as long as your phone is on the internet somehow, you can get your smut reading game on.

No matter what device you choose to read on, pick the books that get you going the most.



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Author: Sadie Saxon

Sadie reads and reviews steamy and erotic romance and erotica. She's posting her reviews here and categorizing the books with tags so they're easy to find.

6 thoughts on “Handling It – Which is the Best Ebook Reader For Me?

  1. Thanks so much Sadie….I have a Kindle and have been in the habit of getting Library Books through the Phoenix Library System This has worked out pretty well for me, but you can only have the books for 14 days then they take them away. Very often, I have not had a chance to read the books I have borrowed, before they take then away. Maybe I should read more and not play so many computer games on my Kindle

    Sadie, thank you so much for your informative post. You have enlightened me on other ways to get my “smutty” books. Are there any smutty games out there?

    Thanks for a well written, informative post. Hope to read more of them.

  2. Hi Sadie. Thanks for the comparisons. I like reading actual books and I also like to travel a lot. I have brought and read many books when traveling in the past and have always given them away as they become too heavy to take back home. It is a shame as I have lost many a good book that way. So, I guess it’s time to catch up with the modern world and get an e-book reader!
    Although I don’t read any smut books, or don’t admit to it, I think the versatility of a tablet would suit me best and it is also able to do everything that a basic computer can do. Now I can leave my laptop at home as well. The task now is to choose which tablet is best for me!
    Wish me luck 🙂

    1. An EBook reader really is a great way to reduce the weight of your luggage and a tablet would have the added benefit of being able to check and reply to email without dragging your laptop. For shorter trips, it’s so convenient. Thanks for commenting!

  3. This was an excellent article on various types of reading devices on the market.I find the Kindle to be the most well known and popular reading device .It is refreshing that there are other kinds of reading devices out there.Thanks for sharing and teaching the ins and outs pros and cons with purchasing a reading device .

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