Gray Back Bad Bear: a Steamy Bear Shifter Romance Review

Gray Back Bad Bear

Yes, this book is from a while back but this offering by T.S. Joyce is the first one I read about bear shifters. Gray Back Bad Bear is a steamy Paranormal Romance story, 195 pages long.

In large part due to the characters, the book had an impact on me and is the start of a whole series. Keep reading for this bear shifter romance review.

The Good

Matt and Willa don’t look anything like they’d be a couple at all, let alone the perfect couple. Matt’s a towering dude-bro with a temper and Willa’s a tiny nerd-girl with a worm farm. He’s got such a reputation for sleeping around ladies think he’s a tourist attraction. She’s saving her v-card for the right guy. Willa’s a smart cookie. She comes right out and says it’ll never work. I almost believe her.

T.S. Joyce works magic here. When Matt decides Willa’s the one for him, he makes it clear. But not in the ways you might expect. A victim himself, Matt never crosses lines that romance heroes sometimes do in the name of love. From the beginning of their courtship, Willa is respected, treated as an equal even though Matt’s supernatural and she’s as mundane as they come.

The love story here is healthy as well as believable.

The Bad

This is something I can say about all of T.S. Joyce’s books (and though her back list is extensive I’ve read two-thirds of it). They’re almost too short. Why almost? Well, specifically in Gray Back Bad Bear, I want to know more about the world these characters live in. Sure, they’re tucked away on the border of the wilderness. But Matt’s got experience with the wider and darker side of the larger setting.

Maybe someday Joyce will get inspired to tell us more about how her world learned shifters existed and the ISEA’s cruel role in it. With this series about her C-crew of working shifters, she shows us the mishaps and hazards of being magical. I want to know more, in the context of another epic love story, of course.

The Naughty

This is a romance so it’s not spoilerific to say that the pair do get busy. Willa and Matt have great chemistry and though she’s inexperienced their scenes are hot. All the same, virginity stories aren’t exactly my thing.

Joyce’s writing makes up for that, however, and I love the later love scenes she shows us. Her descriptions have plenty of emotion and a raw sensuality to them that you’ll love too.

Heat: 4

Characters: 5

Plot: 3.5

You can find Gray Back Bad Bear here or by clicking the book’s cover image at the top of this post.


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