Fifty Shades of Gray Book Review

Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review
Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review

Love it or hate it, this is the book that brought sexy back to mainstream romance. The first of three books in a series, E.L. James’s book and subsequent series made waves for several reasons. And if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s definitely an experience.

Here’s my spoiler-free Fifty Shades of Gray book review.

The Good

This book has plenty of extremely detailed and plot-relevant sex scenes. If that’s what you’re looking for, get 50 Shades of Gray. The characters have chemistry and their attraction for each other crosses over into obsession at times. This theme continues through the whole series, exploring the divide between physical and romantic attraction.

I’ve seen criticisms that say the plot wouldn’t hold up without the sexual scenes or the romance. For me, this is a good thing. Fifty Shades is Erotic Romance, which means the sexual and emotional journey is part of the plot. It’s compelling enough in this case to keep me invested for the whole book.

The sex scenes are definitely the main attraction here. You will absolutely blush and need a cold drink handy while reading this novel.

The Bad

The characters and their life situations aren’t the most realistic. Christian is definitely a fantasy of a man. Many readers are okay with suspending disbelief this way.

Another element is the presentation of BDSM. The author often truncates or glosses over important parts of the Dom/sub relationship, including safewords and aftercare. If you’re looking for more accurate representations of BDSM, other books do a better portrayal.

That said, Fifty Shades is definitely worth a read.

The Naughty

This is a story with a MF romance and the sex scenes follow accordingly. Bondage, domination, use of a wide range of toys, and sadomasochism are all in FSOG. As mentioned earlier, the sex scenes are at an extreme level of detail so you’re not going to be teased and left wanting here.

  • Heat: 5
  • Characters: 3
  • Plot: 3

You can find the book here or by clicking the cover image above.


Read racy, and free your sexy side!


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2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Gray Book Review

  1. Thanks for a very good review, you touched the core and essence of the theme. If someone is not into BDMS it can become overpowering at stages but you balanced it good making one want to read the book.
    As a book enthusiast I am looking forward to read more reviews.

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