Enrapture: a Gay Erotic Romance Review

Enrapture Gay Erotic Romance

Like the title says, this book is about the relationship between two men. It’s Paranormal too, with a very freaky ghost, among other things. It’s on the shorter side but more like a novella than a short story.

Enrapture by Pierce Smith is the first in a three book series. Read on for a review of this gay erotic romance.

The Good

This book will surprise you. It’s hard to write a review without giving too much away because it’s got twists like an M. Night Shamalan movie except it’s also extremely sexy. The story has thriller elements as well as the paranormal and sexy stuff.

However it’s also quite explicit, which is one reason I categorized it as Erotic Romance and not Steamy Romance. You won’t want to read this if you aren’t into MM books, either. But if you do, you’re in for a treat.

The Bad

Enrapture is short. It’s also got a cliffhanger ending, which is especially frustrating because it’s a hard cliff. The author knows what he’s doing and you’ll end up buying the second book just to see what happens.

The Naughty

This book is hotter than a volcano god. It should come with a warning or a side-effects disclaimer. The steam starts on the first page and builds to an explosive climax at the end. And then that infernal cliffhanger ramps you right back up again.

Do not try to read this on your commute. Read Enrapture at home alone, with the blinds shut or the curtains drawn. You’ll thank me later, after a shower.

Heat: 5

Characters: 4

Plot: 5

You can find this book inside furnaces. But Enrapture is also here on Amazon.

Read racy, and free your sexy side!


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