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I’m Sadie and I love sexy books.

My Story

I’ve been reading steamy stories and books for years now and I want to share my favorites.


Finding Hot Books is So Hard, But Not in the Good Way

It’s not easy to decide which sexy books to buy. Ebook retail websites don’t make them easy to find, either.


Sexy Reads Should Please, Not Tease

That’s why I want to help get you there. I read books about secret fantasies and wild desires, then bag, tag, and mount those mouthwatering covers with their buy links right here on my site. I use Books2Read so one click sends you to your favorite place to buy books.

If you have story suggestions, stick them below and I will check the titles out.

All the best,


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Author: Sadie Saxon

Sadie reads and reviews steamy and erotic romance and erotica. She's posting her reviews here and categorizing the books with tags so they're easy to find.

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